I bet some of you read the title of this post and erroneously thought I was referring to getting back to blogging, but alas, you are incorrect. I am through apologizing for sporadic blogging. I mean, it’s my blog, right? If you’re distressed by the low frequency of posts (and I know you all are), just talk to me in real life. It’s almost as good.

No, I’m not referring to blogging, I’m referring to running. Hopefully you all remember the half marathon/best prank ever I ran back in September, my first half marathon and certainly the most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done. As part of the deal, after completely owning Mark for the entire day, I promised that the wine country half marathon would not be my last one.

I don’t know why I promised him this. Why did I do that?

Anyway, Mark always runs the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon, and for many years, he and his wife Shelley stayed with us each time this event rolled around. It was a great time from the sidelines, and Mark seemed to enjoy it too. It’s on April 30th this year, and I’ve agreed to fly back to Nashville and run it with Mark and his band of merry medical professionals. The bright side of this is that Kenny Rogers is performing at the big concert at the end. The bad news here is that I feel far less motivated this time around without the promise of a huge prank payoff.

Now, I know you’re saying to yourself, “Come on, Matt. You’ve already run one of these, quit your whining. What’s the big deal?” Let’s all take a moment to remember that I looked like this when I finished my first half marathon:

I hate running

Actual finish line photo

I wouldn’t say I’m a natural this, would you? Also, I have run exactly 3 times since this race ended, never further than 3 miles at a time. Needless to say, I’ve got a long way to go!

That is, of course, why I’m writing this blog post. If this blog has taught me anything, it’s that blogging about something makes you more likely to actually do it, so I’ll try to keep a cursory diary of my progress here. My training program from my first marathon attempt was 12 weeks long, and I intend to do that one again. That makes February 7th my absolute drop dead date for starting this thing, although I’d really like to start a week earlier to give myself a little bit of wiggle room. That means I need to be able to run 3 miles without stopping by February 7th at the latest (preferably by January 31st). Today I made it 1.8 miles before walking a little. That gives me a week, maybe two, to get to the starting line for training. We’ll see how it goes.

Incidentally, when you ask people what it feels like to finish a half marathon, and they tell you it’s exhilarating and go on and on about how great it feels, THEY ARE LYING. You want to know how it really feels? Please refer to the picture above. It’s worth a thousand words, which is roughly twice as long as this post.