What with all of the time off, I’ve been accumulating a few things to share, but of course so many of them slip into the ether if I don’t put them up here or write them down. At any rate, here are some things on my mind, in list form.

  1. I ran across this interesting article via Lifehacker (one of my favorite sites) about unfriending. The article itself is interesting, but I think the questions that Lifehacker lists for determining who to drop and who to keep are the best part of this one. If I followed those rules, I’d probably be under 150 on my friends list.
  2. You may remember my post about Instapaper and the Send Me A Story service. Via that service this week, I ran across this really amazing and super disturbing story about Sarah Palin and the network of folks that work for her. It’s a long read (I mean, that’s the point of Send Me A Story), but worth every second. I would love the Republicans to field her in 2012 because it would be such a comedy feast, but I am also legitimately worried that this idiot might get elected.*
  3. If politics isn’t your thing, maybe you’d rather check out this awesome article on the creation of Chewbacca. I’m not sure whether it made me like Lucas more or less, but the creative development of the character was interesting to see.
  4. I am seriously considering doing this. Approximating how much time each event on your to-do list will take seems like something I should have thought of years ago. But I didn’t.

Lots of traveling and craziness coming up this month for me, but I’ve picked up Shadow Country based on a friend’s recommendation, so I hope that will carry me through the many plane rides and hotel stays I have coming my way. This focusing stuff has made me feel like I can tackle a 900 page book, so that feels good.

*Full disclosure: I mostly vote for the blue team in elections, but regardless of your political affiliation, Sarah Palin is dumb. Neither party has cornered the market on dumb, but right now Palin is the Queen of Dumb and there aren’t even many contenders now that Christine O’Donnell has exited stage left. It is what it is.