At work this week, we’re having a big launch party for our office here in Portland. Now, we’ve had an office in Portland for almost 3 years, and we’ve been in this particular office for a little over a year, but the time is finally here for the big house warming party. It’s going to be a lot of fun, but it also means that there are lots of folks in town from Nashville. That leads to drinks after work, group dinners, and very little time for blogging. I’m hoping to write a more substantial post tomorrow, but for now, some brief points.

  1. Lifehacker posted its winner of the best distraction free writing tool, and it’s not what I thought it would be. I’m sure Q10 is great, but as a Mac user, it’s not much good to me. I’m sticking by my earlier choice of WriteRoom if you’ve got some dollars to spend.
  2. I read this great article today on early rising over at The 99%. It intrigues me, but I’m also more than willing to confess that I’m not turning back my clock just yet. I know that getting up early is a great thing, but I haven’t embraced it so far.
  3. Tomorrow has been deemed National UnFriend Day by Jimmy Kimmel, a day where you Unfriend all of those people on Facebook that aren’t really your friends. I doubt I’ll be as strict as Jimmy would like, but I’m planning to participate and write about it here. Here’s Jimmy and William Shatner promoting this new holiday:

Tomorrow, I unfriend and tell the tale. If I’m not in a food coma from our dinner here, that is. If I am, it might be Thursday.