It’s been a great weekend here in Oregon, rainy and quiet. By April, I’ll be sick of rainy and quiet weekends, but it was perfect for now. I’m purposefully avoiding a ton of blogging on the weekends right now (more on that later this week), but I do have a couple of  links I wanted to share with you.

In what is truly a bizarre coincidence, Lifehacker has posted about the Five Best Distraction-Free Writing Tools. This is a series they do, and they’ll post again in a day or so letting us know which program the readers chose. As I said in a previous post, I’ve tried a few of these, and I’ll go ahead and say that WriteRoom is my favorite. That’s what I’m using right now, actually. However, I picked up WriteRoom from MacHeist when they were giving it away for free in exchange for promoting them on Facebook, so I didn’t pay for it. All of these are fairly similar, so if you’re interested in trying any of them, I’d say start with the free ones and see if they fit the bill. But really, I’d recommend WriteRoom to anyone. It blocks out everything on your screen and lets you focus, but it still has quite a few bells and whistles in terms of formatting and tweaking.

I’d also like to recommend a blog I’ve been reading that’s been a big help when it comes to thinking about simplicity and focus. It’s called zen habits, and I especially recommend the Start Here section. He’s also got a free book called Focus that you can download in PDF format here. Lots of great tips and tools to try here, it’s worth an add to your reader.

Okay, off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday night. I’ll post the Lifehacker winner when they announce. And don’t forget to change my feed in your reader if you don’t mind.