If you’re not familiar with the RZA or Terry Gross, you might not have understood the title of my last post. Terry Gross hosts Fresh Air, an NPR show that I alternately love and hate. I love it because she has some amazing guests on there. But I hate it because she asks some seriously dumb questions, and she’s just not always the right person to interview the subjects in question.

My favorite example of that is her interview with the RZA, former member of the Wu Tang Clan. He’s really sort of nuts himself, but the chasm between Terry and one of her guests has never been so pronounced and hilarious. In addition to the RZA talking about his focusness, there’s an awkward discussion about what “morbidity” means and a great section where he tells Terry that when he went to school, all he could think about was having sex with the teacher. You can give it a listen here.

Up until hearing this interview, the only thing I knew about the Wu Tang Clan was their reputation as a great hip hop group. That and their highly esteemed financial services company:

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