Well, as you may have guessed by now, the daily food log has officially been dissolved at this point. This is not because I’ve given up on this diet. To the contrary, it’s really because I feel pretty comfortable with this new way of eating at this point, and so cataloging everything I eat has become a boring chore rather than an exciting way to keep up with meals and hold myself accountable. In other words, this experiment worked! I can honestly say that I’m not ever going back to eating the way I ate in the past.

When I started doing this, I framed my diet changes in the light of trying to go vegan. I think looking back, I’d revise that a bit. I really never had any intention of going completely vegan, it’s just more work and planning than I really want to put into this. My goal here isn’t political or even environmental (although I recognize the validity and importance of both of those aspects of what we eat), it was really all about health. In that respect, I’ve certainly succeeded. I feel much better than I did before, and my measures of health are better too (blood pressure, weight, activity level). So, this was a major change, and big win, and I’m happy with it. Because of that, no more daily food diary.

Of course, I’ll certainly still post here about interesting meals we make, and I’ll also try to keep a decent account of our garden this year, which we have high hopes for. So there will still be lots of posts about food, but expect to see other things pop up here as well.

I’d highly encourage anyone that’s remotely interested in changing how they eat to give this approach a try. Just cut meat and meat products down to a bare minimum. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but do what you can to avoid it. Try to be totally vegan for long stretches of time, and just see what effect it has on your life and health. I can almost guarantee the effects will be positive! They certainly have been for me.

Celine’s flute recital is today, so we’re at U of O getting ready for it! I’m off to help sound check.