In case you haven’t heard, Nashville is underwater. It’s sort of infuriating that the media has completely ignored the disaster that is happening there because it is really terrible from what we’re seeing on the internet. The entire city is flooded, and we have many friends that have basements full of water and extensive damage. Many people completely lost their homes, and Interstate 24 was a river until this morning, under at least five feet of water. In case you haven’t seen this clip:

That was my route to work when I lived in Nashville. It is hard to believe some of the pictures we’re seeing from our friends.

Anyway, if you are in Nashville right now, we are thinking of  you and hope you are safe! I can safely say I’ve never felt more homesick for Nashville than I do right now, and I wish we were there to help. If you’re not in Nashville, you should know what’s up there. It is not just a little bit of rain, the entire city is underwater. The Cumberland River is at 48 feet right now (11 feet would be high enough to cause some flooding), and it’s still rising. The rain has stopped and the creeks are starting to recede, but they are all dumping into the Cumberland, so it continues to rise at this point. I can’t figure out how to embed this on WordPress, but just click here to see some pictures of downtown Nashville.


Hopefully though, in the long run, Nashville will emerge from this just fine, and the greatest legacy of the Flood of 2010 will be the Nashville Weather Penis:

Stay classy, Nashville. And seriously, be safe out there, we hope you’re all okay.