Well, 24 seems to be pulling out all the stops these days. In the last three episodes we’ve seen three of their favorite tricks in a row. 1) Someone blows up CTU, 2) there’s a mole at CTU and 3) there’s a political plot against the President’s wishes. Oh, we also got the “Chloe is smarter than everyone else, stay out of her way!” storyline last week. Next week it looks like we get two more old chestnuts, “mole is interrogated by Jack Bauer in a way only Dick Cheney would approve of,” and “surprise appearance by a character you sorta thought was dead.”

Don’t get me wrong, 24 is as good as it has been in a very long time this season, and I’ll take anything over the last two stinker seasons. I’m definitely enjoying this year far more than I had hoped, and I’m going to be more than a little sad to see it go, even if it is a shadow of its former self. In a way, it’s kind of nice to see all of the old tricks make an appearance one last time. I do hope that since it’s all over when the clock runs out this year that they will do some truly shocking things as we wind the year down. Will we finally see Chloe bite it? Will we actually see Jack die (unlikely since they are planning a movie, but you never know)? Will the terrorist rip off a mask at the end to reveal Tony Almeida? Will Kim randomly die in a car crash in LA, an event totally unrelated to the actual terror plot?

I’m really pulling for that last one.
  • Breakfast: Granola bar
  • Lunch: More cabbage and potato soup (better the second day)
  • Dinner: Almost the last of the cabbage soup
  • Snacks: Hummus and pita chips, tortilla chips and bean dip
  • Drinks: Coffee, water