Well, today was a great day, despite Lost continuing its weird descent into some sort of twisted version of Job from the Bible. It was a beautiful 60 degrees and sunny in Salem today, and we’ve been eating some great food. Celine is done with her semester and is currently enjoying a week long spring break, and that means more cooking. We’ve had two great dinners this week, and almost all vegan. We did use actual butter in the fried rice recipe below, mainly because I promised Celine we would use everything we already had when we started this diet. We had butter in the freezer, so we need to use it up. We’ll be making both of these dinners again.


  • Breakfast: Granola bar and a banana
  • Lunch: Sweet and sour tofu from a grocery deli
  • Dinner: Linguine with Garlic and Oil from the Mark Bittman book. This was super good.
  • Snacks: Chips and hummus, roasted corn and black bean salsa, a modified Bittman recipe
  • Drinks: Coffee, water and a beer


  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with cranberries, walnuts and brown sugar
  • Lunch: Leftover linguine with garlic and oil from yesterday
  • Dinner: This awesome fried rice recipe, a recommendation from a friend at work (thanks, Jennifer!). We didn’t have the seven spice though, but we’re ordering it for next time around. This was still awesome, even without it.
  • Snacks: Roasted corn and black bean salsa with chips, a bite or two of vegan ice cream
  • Drinks: Coffee, water and a beer