Celine is fighting through finals this week, so I’m doing what I can to help. Mainly that consists of saying nice things and picking up dinner (because I’ve been too lazy to cook). I do feel very fortunate in Oregon in that regard, because there are so many great options for eating out when you’re eating vegetarian or vegan. We didn’t have that luxury in Tennessee, or if we did, I never found it.

Anyway, we continue with our eating out trend, but I stayed on track. Here’s the food.

  • Breakfast: Granola bar
  • Lunch: Braised cauliflower soup and a green salad with ginger dressing from Pacific Pie Co. That soup was good.
  • Dinner: Spicy vegetables from Love Love Teriyaki
  • Snacks: Some pita chips and hummus, handful of cashews
  • Drinks: Coffee, water and one whiskey and coke (Early Times, for those of you keeping track)