Tonight, Celine was working on her paper in the bedroom with Tortellini (our handi-capable cat) fast asleep at her side. With no warning at all, Tortellini jumped up from her dead sleep and began running. Right off the bed, onto my nightstand, where she knocked over my lamp and scratched the table with her claws from moving so fast. She ended up on the floor, and ever since then, she has regarded our bed with extreme suspicion. If I try to put her on the bed (a mistake I only made once), she totally freaks out and heads back to the floor again. She’s stalked around the bed repeatedly, and she’ll occasionally sneak up to the edge and stand up on her back legs to look on top of the bed itself, but she’s not getting back up there.

Welcome to our life. Who knew cats could have bad dreams?

  • Breakfast: Granola bar
  • Lunch: A weird drawn out snackfest of pita chips, carrots, hummus, salsa and corn chips
  • Dinner: a Falafel bowl at Venti’s, along with some sweet potato fries. There was a yogurt sauce, but not much of one.
  • Drinks: Coffee, water