I judge people at the grocery store based on what they have in their carts. I know that many of you probably think this is unfair, but I contend you can tell quite a bit about a person by what they buy at the grocery store. Without even looking at the person pushing the cart, you can infer a lot of information about them. For those of you that are skeptical, I’ll tell you what the people behind me in line bought tonight, and you tell me what you know about them. We’ll see if we all agree. I’ll at least tell you that there were two people together making this purchase.

  1. Two 12 packs of beer
  2. A half gallon of Donald Duck orange juice
  3. A box of Hot Pocket Sideshots, the mini-cheeseburger variety
  4. Some frozen Broccoli-Cheese sauce

First correct guess wins a prize!* February wrap up post tomorrow.

*Prize does not actually exist.
  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with brown sugar, dried cranberries and walnuts
  • Lunch: The rest of that asparagus and rice dish (it wasn’t much)
  • Dinner: Two bean burritos (no cheese) from Taco Bell
  • Snacks: Veggies, pita chips and hummus, and then the big one. Celine’s birthday is March 1st, so we had birthday cake today. A Blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen with Heath Bar topping. It was totally a cheat, and totally worth it.
  • Coffee, water