Ate at Chipotle tonight, and it always makes me think of this joke. I’d like to thank my XM Radio for introducing to people like Todd Barry. I mean, it didn’t literally introduce us, but it made it so that if I ever saw Todd Barry out in public, I could succeed in making him rather uncomfortable. I think I’d start by being overly effusive about how great he is, and then I’d pull the ol’ “say something funny” routine to see if he’d try to punch me. Call me crazy, but I don’t think Todd is a fighter.

Why am I writing this? Thanks a lot, Chipotle. Here’s today’s food.

  • Breakfast: Granola bar
  • Lunch: A Basic Bowl with spicy peanut sauce and tofu from Blossoming Lotus. This had beans, quinoa and kale as well. Kale is delicious! Who knew?
  • Dinner: A vegan burrito from Chipotle. I’m not going to link Chipotle, surely you’ve heard of them?
  • Snacks: Handful of almonds, some blue corn chips
  • Drinks: Coffee, water