While we were in Astoria, we also visited Fort George Brewery, which is located downtown. We ate there (seared oysters, mmmm), and we ordered a flight of their beer. Here’s the before:

Was the wind blowing in there?

They had a wide variety. I think I liked their IPA the best (not surprising if you know my tastes), but a few of the stouts were really good as well. One of them was filtered through oysters (no joke), and it was delicious. Not even a hint of oyster flavor, but it was very creamy and smooth. The clear glass in the back is actually a house made ginger ale to cleanse your palette. Fancy! Here’s the after picture:

Almost done

The only one I really didn’t like was the coffee filtered one. It just tasted like burnt coffee, not my favorite flavor ever. They sell Fort George on tap in Portland, check it out if you come across it.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with (you guessed it) brown sugar, dried cranberries and walnuts
  • Lunch: A veggie and soy cheese sandwich and a bowl of vegan vegetable soup from Old Wives’ Tales. Hey, remind me to never eat soy cheese again, okay?
  • Dinner: Pinto beans and rice
  • Snacks: One of those chocolate cookies, a handful of nuts, hummus and carrots and pita chips
  • Drinks: Coffee and water