Our weekend was awesome, so awesome in fact that it’s going to take more than one post to cover all of this. I’ll drag this out into a few posts, but let’s start with the most important stuff, and we all know that’s the Goonies pictures.

Our trip started on Sunday morning. We took the relatively short drive (maybe 2 hours) to Cannon Beach to check out the first attraction on our tour: the rock formation from the movie. You know the one, the one that fit the Doubloon. We caught glimpses through the trees as we were driving up, but when we first hit the beach, we didn’t see it there at all, and we thought we might have been in the wrong place. Then we rounded a little outcropping and saw this:

Haystack Rock

The fog and clouds made these pictures all the better. By the way, Celine took every single one of these, I cannot claim any photographic talent.

We then headed up to Ecola State Park, where quite a few scenes were filmed at the beginning of the movie. The boys rode their bikes down this road:

Probably not the actual spot in the movie

The restaurant and the lighthouse were in this clearing. They were sets built for the movie, so there’s no trace of them now:

If we don't get outta here soon, there's gonna be some kinda hostage crisis!

The building was down where the tress slope off to the ocean there. It’s easy to see if you’re watching the movie. This next picture:

is almost the exact same view that you see here over Mikey’s shoulder:

I think I found a match!

That’s sort of funny, because he’s also looking at that same rock through the Doubloon (whoops, editors suck!).

I should stop here and say that even though this post is all about the Goonies, I can’t really post this and not talk about how beautiful Ecola State Park is. I totally understand why they wanted to film here, it’s just one of the most beautiful places we’ve seen since moving out here. Highly recommended.

Then it was on to Astoria proper to check out the places in town where filming occurred. So, here we go. First, the museum where Mikey’s dad worked:

The Flavel House

This is actually a museum called The Flavel House. Right across the street from this:

I don't have the handle, open the lock!!

The scene of the big escape!

For something a bit more obscure, here’s the football field where Andi was practicing with the cheerleading squad:

Wrong angle, sorry!

Okay, now for the good stuff. You can actually go see the Goonie house! The Goon-docks! Etc!

If you remember, the house itself is up a little gravel road, and even though it should be obvious that it would be super rude to drive up the driveway, this sign was apparently necessary:

That's me grinning like an idiot

The house itself is certainly recognizable, although a lot has changed. The fence out front is gone (along with the awesome gate opening contraption) and it’s been repainted, but otherwise, it’s Mikey’s house:

When they tear this down, I hope they make it a sand trap

Of course, Data’s house is right next door:

Wings of Flight!

That’s the window Data jumped from. A couple of things about an otherwise awesome experience. First, I would not want to live in the Goonie house. This was Monday at around 11AM and we saw about a dozen people there. I can’t imagine having that many people in my yard all the time. One guy even went up on the porch and stared through the windows! I will never understand how people can just be that rude. Second, I would bet almost all of my money that the attic in the movie is not in that house. I’d guess that was a set built elsewhere. I just don’t see how that house could have an attic that large.

This one is a bit obscure, but this is the store that Rosalita was crossing the street in front of when the cop cars almost run her over.

Wrong angle here, she was crossing the other street to the left

And this one is the bowling alley that Chunk was in when he smears his pizza all over the window while watching the police chase.

This is what the Fratellis would have seen

And I think that’s it. I must say, it’s a little weird to see one of your favorite childhood movies in “real life.” The house was really amazing to see, and it was even cooler to go back and watch those scenes in the movie after being there. Movie perspective and the real perspective is always going to be different of course, but Astoria lived up to the hype. If you like Goonies, I recommend this trip. In fact, perhaps you’d like to come up for the 25th Anniversary Reunion Festival in June! We are considering it, let me tell you. They’ll probably be selling all kinds of cool merch like these awesome glasses we got:

Even if you don’t care for the movie, Astoria is a cool town. I’ll post more about the other stuff we did tomorrow maybe. You can see all of the awesome pictures that Celine took here.