• Breakfast: Banana and a Nature Valley granola bar
  • Lunch: The Super Tuscan sandwich from J&M Cafe – all vegan, roasted eggplant, cannellini beans and pickled red peppers on baguette
  • Dinner: Red Robin (it’s a weakness). However, I didn’t eat any meat! I had the Burnin’ Love Burger, but with their veggie patty. There were plenty of non-vegan things on the burger though, mainly cheese and some sort of mayo-type sauce. We also split some spinach artichoke dip, and of course, there were fries.
  • Snack: Pita chips from a bag, a little bit of cauliflower
  • Drinks: Water, coffee, and a whiskey and coke

So, dinner was certainly a cheat tonight, but I’m actually sorta proud of myself for not getting a real hamburger. Regardless, it was a heavy meal, but I can’t lie, it was really delicious.

My new exciting food related thing is that Jamie Oliver has a new show coming to prime time network television! Jamie is probably my favorite TV chef, mainly because his food looks amazing and he promotes eating responsibly and healthfully. In this show, he’s apparently decided to launch a food revolution in the United States. Check out the preview:

This is one reality show I can get behind because it’s actually trying to do some good in the world. This will definitely be making our weekly rotation in March.

Jamie also just won a TED Prize for his one wish to change the world. Jamie’s wish, in his own words:

“I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”

It’s hard not to be a little cynical and think that perhaps his fancy TED Award is related to his soon-to-debut television show, but his speech from the conference is inspiring. I sincerely hope he pulls this off. Video is below, but if you can’t see it for some reason (these aren’t showing up in Google Reader for me), you can watch it here.