• Breakfast: Banana, and a Nature Valley granola bar (they’re vegan!)
  • Lunch: More spaghetti and beanballs
  • Dinner: Vegetarian fajitas from Los Arcos in Salem, OR. It was practically vegan too (the beans had some cheese melted on them, but I tried my best to pick around it)
  • Snacks: Pita chips from a bag
  • Drinks: Water, coffee, an Old Fashioned, a margarita, and a beer

Another mostly vegan day, and I really thought I’d have to cheat at the Mexican place. So, yeah.

The video below is an awesome talk from a TED conference by Mark Bittman. It’s 20 minutes long, but it’s a fantastic presentation, I highly recommend watching it. He explains with great clarity why eating a mostly vegetarian diet is a good idea for a variety of reasons. I’m certainly trying to eat as close to vegan as I can right now to reinforce the habit, but Bittman’s perspective is really where I’m going to come down in the end.