• Breakfast: Steel cut oats with brown sugar, walnuts and dried cranberries
  • Lunch: Vegan pizza, the last of it
  • Dinner: Black beans and brown rice
  • Snacks: Veggies, pita chips and hummus
  • Drinks: Water, coffee and a beer

A good vegan day.

We watched “Observe and Report” tonight, which was nowhere near what we were expecting when we rented it. It was written by Jody Hill, half of the team behind “Eastbound and Down” (along with Danny McBride). Danny makes a pretty funny cameo in this one, but it’s a very dark movie overall. I really liked it, I think it disturbed Celine. If you’re a fan of the Danny McBride sense of humor, I’d recommend it, but be forewarned that it’s even darker than Eastbound can be at times.

Other than that, we didn’t even leave the house today. Celine didn’t have to go to Eugene, and I worked from home. It was a good day, but I plan on at least going outside tomorrow.