• Breakfast: Banana and a Kashi bar
  • Lunch: Vegetable Masala from Swagat, along with some naan
  • Dinner: Indo Udon from Soba with tofu
  • Drinks: Water, coffee

So, today is the official one month mark of my new diet! I figured that was a good time to do a little rundown of how things have gone so far. So, in my first month of semi-vegan eating, here are some lists that tell some of the story.

Major cheats: 10

  • French Press – Crepe
  • The Original – Poutine
  • The Original Pancake House – Omelet
  • Nostrana – Pretty much everything I ate there, but especially the steak
  • Pok Pok – Everything
  • Laurelhurst – Steak and bleu cheese dressing
  • Original – Poutine
  • Mo’s – Fried fish, clam chowder
  • Ram – Veggie patty with cheese and mayo (I almost didn’t count this one)
  • Covered Wagon Cafe – Hamburger

You’ll notice that all of these are at restaurants, which I think is an interesting point to make. I didn’t make poor decisions every time I ate out, but that is where all of my really poor choices were made. It’s much easier to eat properly at home. Cheating 10 times sounds like a lot, but compared to my earlier diet, where I would probably eat meat twice a day (that’s 60 times per month), and it’s quite a change.

Things I didn’t count as cheats:

  • Boca burgers
  • Fish sauce
  • condiments
  • Kashi bars
  • Other incidentals

I’ve found substitutes for some of these things. We’ve found a vegan veggie burger I really like, and I know there are mayo substitutes out there. However, I hate mayo anyway, so I’m not in a hurry to replace it. I could probably find a substitute for the Kashi bars if I looked hard enough.

Pounds lost: 6

Not bad for a month, and keep in mind that I’m not really trying to lose weight. I’m not saying I don’t want to lose weight, but I’m not counting calories or trying to eat less. In fact, I’m making a point to eat as much of whatever I’m eating as I want. I think one of the reasons people give up on any diet is that feeling of deprivation. I have missed some foods to be sure, but I haven’t felt deprived or hungry or unsatisfied by my meals. And yet, I’ve lost six pounds, which is probably the most I’ve ever lost at one time from a diet.

Favorite new things we’ve made:

  • Black Bean – Vegetable Soup
  • Homemade hummus
  • Brussels sprouts in almond butter sauce
  • Steel cut oats
  • Miso Soup

Favorite things I’ve had somewhere else:

  • Vegan Pizza from Hot Lips
  • Hot and Jazzy Bowl at Cafe Yumm!
  • BBQ tofu sandwich from Russell Street BBQ
  • Vegan Burrito from Taco Del Mar (it’s delicious and a block or two from work)
  • Portobello Mushroom Burger at Burgerville (what can I say, it was really good)

I also enjoyed a lot of the Thai and Asian dishes I had, but honestly, none of them stand out from the others.

Overall impressions:

This change in eating has been a good thing for sure. I’ve discovered a lot of new and delicious food. I’ve lost a few pounds. I know in my head that I’m being healthier, and that’s a good thing.

So, how do I feel? That’s an interesting question. If you’ve been reading along, you know that my Dad is doing this as well, and has lost a lot of weight so far. At his last doctor’s visit, all of his numbers were vastly improved, and his doctor actually took him off of the medication he was taking for his blood sugar. Basically, he turned off his Type II Diabetes, which is amazing. On top of all of this, he feels better than he has in years, which is what it’s really all about. It’s great to see him healthy and happy and enjoying how he feels everyday.

As for me, I haven’t had that dramatic of a turnaround, at least not in a month! But I have noticed a difference, and I would put it like this. These days I feel like I used to feel on my very best days, but now I feel like that all the time. On those days when I’d had enough sleep for a few days in a row, and I hadn’t eaten anything that disagreed with me, and I was in a good mood and felt awake and alert…that’s how I feel everyday now. What’s more, when I do eat something meaty or fried now, I can tell an immediate difference (almost as soon as I finish eating). I really don’t think this is a newly developed sensitivity to these foods, it’s just that I never realized how much what I ate was affecting how I felt. What’s more, I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t feeling 100%. Crazy.

So, I’m definitely sticking with this for awhile to see what happens. Hopefully there will be less cheats in February as I get more and more accustomed to eating this way. I guess we’ll see!