• Breakfast: A banana
  • Lunch: A Hot and Jazzy Bowl from Cafe Yumm! I ordered it vegan, so it came without the cheese and sour cream, etc.
  • Dinner: Pad King from Ta Ra Rin in Eugene
  • Snacks: I had about 4 bites of Marionberry sorbet from an ice cream shop
  • Drinks: water, coffee, beer

That’s a vegan day if you ask me. It’s possible there was fish sauce in the Thai food, I didn’t ask. Because I really don’t care.

Celine had a concert in Eugene today, so we headed down a bit early for her rehearsal. That meant I had a lot of time to hang out in Eugene on my own, so I went and ate at Cafe Yumm! and spent some time hanging out in the computer lab. The concert itself was great, and Celine had a solo in one of the pieces (and she was awesome!!). After the show, we went to dinner with a friend of ours from Nashville who also moved out here to Eugene. She’s been here a bit longer than us (just over a year), and it was great to reconnect with her out here. All in all, an excellent day.