• Breakfast: Banana (this was a mistake, as you’ll see in my lunch entry)
  • Lunch: the All-American hamburger and homemade fries at the Covered Bridge Cafe in Stayton, OR
  • Dinner: Leftover brussels sprouts and brown rice
  • Drinks: Water and coffee

Yeah, that was real deal hamburger, and it’s basically because I wasn’t very smart about my day when it came to food. Mainly because we took off on a hiking adventure on the spur of the moment, and food was the last thing on our minds.

Around 11 this morning, Celine stated that she’d like to have an adventure today. This was basically a ploy to avoid school work, but I readily agreed, and before long we were packing up for a hiking trip to Silver Falls. Sure, it was overcast and the forecast was for drizzly rain, but at some point you just have to deal with it up here. So we hopped into the car with our hats and coats and water bottles and drove to the park.

It was getting there that put us in a bad lunching position. The park is only about 30 miles from us, but it’s through windy roads and small towns, and we didn’t consider the fact that we’d need to eat lunch until we were in those small towns. Thus, we ended up at the Covered Bridge Cafe, which was quaint and awesome and reminded me of my uncle’s restaurant back in Eden when I was a kid. However, their vegan options were, shall we say, limited. Basically, I could have had a salad with no dressing or a plain baked potato, and I was too hungry to settle for that. Thus, the burger and homemade chips, both of which were amazing, and both of which gave that, “hey, I just ate fried meat” feeling.

But it passed quickly, and we continued on the park and started our hike. And it was quite a lovely one:

It’s truly amazing to me that we are basically half an hour from scenery like this. And if we’d driven the other way for just a bit longer, we’d have been at the beach. Pretty cool. Anyway, here’s another view of the South Falls at the park:

Not sure that it shows well in this picture, but the trail actually goes behind the falls, so you can get a full 360 degree view of it. It’s pretty amazing, as well as wet and a little cold! One last view from the base of the falls:

We then headed to the Lower South Falls, which weren’t as tall but were wider, and the path behind those falls was much closer to the waterfall itself. We didn’t get any great shots of Lower South Falls (we brought the camera, but no extra batteries, so it was dying on us), but Celine got this great shot from behind the Lower South Falls:

Pretty cool to be behind a wall of water. All in all, it was a great day to be outside in the cool Oregon air, and we enjoyed the hike. As you may know, the only problem with hiking to the bottom of a waterfall is that you eventually have to hike back up to the top, so we had a pretty strenuous climb at the end before we left (for us, anyway!). It left is appropriately worn out from our day of adventure.

To complete our day, we finally got a picture of our favorite sign in Salem on the way back into town, which I am happy to share with you:

Yeah, I’m still immature enough to think that’s hilarious. We actually pulled into the parking lot to take this picture, we have no shame.