• Breakfast: Oatmeal with cranberries and brown sugar (we were out of nuts!)
  • Lunch: I had the Veggie Monster sandwich (6 inch on wheat) from East Side Deli. I did keep the mayo and honey mustard on there, so not totally vegan.
  • Dinner: We went to Ram, which was delicious but not particularly healthy. We split some onion rings and then I had their Tumbleweed Burger with their veggie patty and homemade fries. The burger had some sort of mayo sauce on it, and their veggie patty uses a bit of cheese as a binder, so definitely not vegan.
  • Snacks: Handful of nuts, pita chips (from a bag this time, not homemade)
  • Drinks: Water coffee, 3 beers and a liquor drink

That sounds like a lot of alcohol, but it was very spread out. I had one to end the day at work, then much later at dinner had a beer and the liquor drink (which was pretty weak if I do say so myself), and then a late night beer before bed (we were up until almost 2). So it was pretty spread out and only succeeded in giving me a headache.

I think yesterday’s dinner was a great example of how you can eat vegetarian (and really, not very far from vegan) and still be incredibly unhealthy. Everything on my plate last night was fried, and I felt pretty disgusting after eating there. It gave me a very clear vision of how you could be an unhealthy vegan, and that is not my end goal here. So, less fried food.

Okay, I’ve got another post coming, complete with pictures for Saturday.