• Breakfast: Oatmeal with dried cranberries, pecans and brown sugar
  • Lunch: A big ol’ salad
  • Dinner: We went to Mo’s. I had some onion rings, some clam chowder, a seafood combo plate (cod, shrimp and clam strips, all fried) and steamed green beans.
  • Snacks: Veggies and hummus


So, Celine called me from Eugene yesterday afternoon. She had a friend in town to audition for the flute program at Oregon, and they had decided it would be fun to drive out to the coast. They asked if I wanted to meet them out there for dinner, and that sounded like a great idea to me.

As you can imagine, the places out there are all about fish, and Mo’s was all about chowder and fried fish. This is supposedly the best clam chowder anywhere, so I decided to try it. Turns out it’s not all that great (even our waiter admitted it), and the fried fish dinner, while pretty tasty, made me feel completely disgusting after I ate it. Maybe I should read my own blog, huh?

Since we are living in a coastal state where delicious seafood is abundant, I’d already decided that I would occasionally eat fish. Fresh seafood is not something that you get in Tennessee, and even though fish is meat, it’s much better for you than other types of meat. That is, unless you batter it and deep fry it and cover it in tartar sauce. So, I think I’ll amend my exception here to say that I will occasionally eat fresh fish cooked well.

This diet continues to be a learning experience. I’m determined to have a no meat, no cheating sort of day today. Please hold me to that.