Friday=weird food day.

  • Breakfast: A banana and a Kashi bar
  • Lunch: Leftover fettuccine pasta with veggies from Wednesday night
  • Dinner: Didn’t really eat dinner. I had two drinks at Slow Bar (A Southern Lemonade, which had whiskey, fresh squeezed lemonade and a little bit of 7-Up, and a Bulleit whiskey, neat), and munched on their handcut fries. I guess I ate a lot of fries.
  • Snack: Handful of nuts
  • Drinks: Besides the alcohol, water and coffee


  • Breakfast: banana
  • Lunch: Spicy Basil stir fry at Sweet Basil in Eugene. This had tofu in it, and it was delicious.
  • Dinner: More of that tomato soup from Thursday, a salad and some sourdough bread
  • Snacks: Made more hummus! So I had hummus, carrots and homemade pita chips (toasted whole wheat pitas).
  • Drinks: Coffee, water and two beers