Okay, yesterday was a bad food day. I’m just going to say that up front, but Celine and I had a wonderful day out in Portland, so it was worth it.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and brown sugar
  • Lunch: We went to The Original in Portland for lunch. Celine and I shared a plate of poutine, which is french fries covered in cheese curd and gravy. Then I had a Ceasar salad (which had some cheese on it) and some vegetable pasta (which was actually vegan, so there). I also had a bite of Celine’s hot dog, which also had tandoori chicken on it. I’m not making this up.
  • Dinner: We ate at La Buca near the movie theater (more on that in a second). I had a different version of vegetable pasta, no cheese this time. And there was also bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Snacks: Hoo-boy. We had popcorn with fake butter and a beer at the theater. I had two Old Fashioned drinks at The Original after lunch. And we had coffee from next door at Starbucks between movies.

Looking back on that, it’s really not as bad as I remember thinking it was, but I did eat some meat and meat products at lunch. It’s funny that a bad day now is better than my best days before!

The reason we were out and about is because Celine and I went to the Laurelhurst Theater in Portland and triple featured. We saw Men Who Stare At Goats (pretty good), The Informant! (very good), and Zombieland (absolutely outstanding). The movies were $3 each, so we basically saw three movies for the price of one and enjoyed a rainy cold day in Portland by staying inside. Between each movie we’d step out of the theater. The first time we visited Starbucks across the street, and the second time we had dinner at La Buca. All in all, a lovely day out on the town.