Since moving out here, Celine and I have noticed that Oregon is…different. Not necessarily worse or better than Tennessee overall, just different. To be sure, it is better in some ways and worse in others, but in many ways it’s just weird. I’m trying to keep a list of weird Oregon things, here’s the first round:

  1. They call a Demolition Derby a Destruction Derby.
  2. In Salem, you can turn right at stop signs without stopping. Sometimes. There’s no rhyme or reason to this that we can discern, but if there’s a sign that says you can do it, you can do it.
  3. You can also turn left on red light if you’re turning onto a one way street. This one actually makes good sense to me.
  4. In Portland, every intersection is technically a crosswalk for pedestrians. This means that if you are an extremely brave pedestrian, you could step out into traffic at any intersection you like, and you’d be in the right if you got plowed over by a car. I don’t trust this one just yet.
  5. Fair food is a little weird. Sure, they still have corn dogs and funnel cakes and kettle corn. But they also have a lot of Chinese food, some greek food, fish and chips, and Mexican food (done poorly). Notably absent from the fair: strange fried foods on sticks and decent BBQ (don’t get me started).
  6. For Labor Day, all of the grocery stores had SALADS on sale. Seriously.
  7. All of the sports bars here advertise their breakfast menus. I know it’s because football starts at 10 in the morning, but it’s still weird.
  8. Kanye insulted Taylor Swift two hours later out here.

New places are always strange, even when they are in your own country. The way I see it, we can either pine away for how things were in Tennessee, or we can embrace the changes and see wha Oregonians like so much about this place. We’ve chosen the latter.

So next Sunday, I’m setting my alarm, and I’m going to drive down the Half Penny, the closest sports bar, and I’m going to eat an omelet and drink a Bloody Mary and watch football. And yeah, I’ll probably be the only person there that cares about the Titans. And while I’m all for embracing the culture here, I draw the line at pulling for the Seahawks. A man has to have standards.