It’s been awhile since my last update, but we are still here! This was our first semi- normal week here in Salem. I worked a full week at Emma, and while Celine hasn’t started school yet, she was able to get a bit of a routine established. She is already taking lessons, so she was able to practice this week and continue to get our house unpacked and lookin’ good! Here’s a few pics of things as they stand now:

That’s our living room! The futon fits in nicely as you can see, and it’s awesome to have those huge windows. Both cats like to sit up there on top of the futon in the sun, and Tortellini loves checking out the neighborhood. If you could look directly to your left in this picture, you’d see this:

This is just behind that leather couch, and we’re calling it our reading nook. We bought that end table for a cool $10 at a yard sale this weekend, and it was just what we needed. That little basket is a kitty bed, but of course, they never use it. Here’s a good picture of the bedroom:

As you can see, the walls are a little plain (still haven’t hung pictures), but it’s cozy! And finally, here’s a picture of our patio, where we’ve been eating a lot of meals thanks to the table that Celine’s dad and stepmom sent:

However, the big news of the week has nothing to do with pretty rooms. It has to do with appliances:

That beautiful piece of equipment that Celine is cuddled up to is a dishwasher. A portable model that you can roll around your kitchen and hook into your sink to wash dishes. AUTOMATICALLY. Without manual labor. It’s pretty awesome. We bought this and had it delivered for $120 off of Craigslist, and it was worth every single penny. Having to wash dishes was makin us less interested in cooking, that’s how dependent on this little piece of technology we had become. It sounds stupid, but washing dishes really sucks, y’all. We are super happy to have a dishwasher back in our lives.

As for work, I had planned to use the bus system to get there for at least part of the way. I did this for two days, and then I decided to just drive all the way in. As it was, taking the bus, I was still driving 45 minutes in the morning, and then riding a bus for 30 to 35 minutes. The alternative was to drive all the way in, which only takes about 55 minutes, but I was sure that parking near my building would be nearly impossible. Well, it turns out that it’s not so hard to find a space (I’m parking on the street less than two blocks from my office), so I’m driving all the way now. It’s saving me an hour of my day, which is worth more to me than the environment these days (sorry, environment!). It also wasn’t cheaper to ride the bus. The bus costs $2 each way, so I was spending more doing that than I do in gas driving. So, it’s back to the car for me.

Tonight we are going to a local bar that is showing The Big Lebowski, which only further proves that this is my kind of town. I’ll leave you with a cat picture, because I know y’all love those. Happy Labor Day!