Miles traveled today: 343
Total miles traveled: 1,991
Miles to go: 596

So, I know that I said we were aiming for Spokane tonight, but that was just too far. Between not wanting to kill ourselves with too many miles and entering the Rocky Mountains, we decided to break what was remaining into three days instead of two. So, today we made it to Missoula, MT. That 343 miles took longer than you’d think, because we were driving a truck that hates mountains. At one point, we were doing less than 30 mph on the interstate. It made for a long drive, but we did make it, and I hope we’ve seen the worst of the steep inclines.

All of those steep inclines did make for some pretty pictures though! Celine took these while she was driving, which I don’t necessarily advocate, but you can’t argue with the results. This first one was taken as we were entering the Crazy Mountains. Seriously.

These mountains are crazy

These mountains are crazy

This next one was taken as we crossed the Continental Divide:


And the rest of these were just beautiful shots as we drove. There were views like this for our entire drive, it can even be a little distracting!


We rode beside this river for a long time today. Being from the Southeast, I was shocked to see a river with clear blue water!

Otherwise, our trip was pretty uneventful. We did have our first kitty “accident” today (Mr. Lawrence pooped his carrier), which is really pretty amazing when you stop to think about it. Celine dealt with the fallout like a pro while I continued driving. The truck was so slow that Celine was able to stop, clean cat poop, clean a carrier, repack and catch me in about 30 minutes.

That was really our only excitement today. Tomorrow we’ll be in Kennewick, WA, and then it’s on to Salem!