Once the cat was packed, we were ready to roll.

First, I know I said I was going to post in here every day, and I know that I then missed the very next day, proving once again that you should never trust someone that is moving. But yesterday was an insanely busy day, and by the end of it, it was all I could do to collapse on our air mattress. Luckily, that means you get two posts tonight.

Yesterday was packing day. I went to pick up the Penske truck around 7, and we ended up with a 26 foot truck. That is a big truck, and it’s not what we originally intended. I had originally booked a 16 foot truck, but as time wore on, we decided we should probably upgrade to the 22 footer, just in case. Well, when I got there on Wednesday, they didn’t have a 22 footer, so they gave me a 26 footer. Way too much truck, right? I was even a little pissed that I was going to lose some gas mileage.

But we filled up the entire thing.

Here’s a picture of our living room before we loaded the truck:

Definitely not my pink ball.

Definitely not my pink ball.

Turns out, that’s exactly what will fit in a 22 foot truck, when you add furniture. Our friend Graham came to help us load, and Celine’s dad brought two guys from his work crew to help, so we actually had all of the stuff on the truck in less than two hours. I cannot imagine how long this would have taken us by ourselves, and it was enough to convince us to hire movers in Salem when we get there to finish the job.

Then we took Graham to lunch (the least we could do), made a quick trip into town to drop off some boxes at Emma, and then it was cleaning time. We cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. And packed the little junk that always takes the longest at the very end. We didn’t go to sleep until after midnight, and that was on our air mattress since everything else was packed.

In the midst of all of this, Tortellini, one of our cats, threw up. This is super rare for her (as in, I don’t ever remember it happening), but we chalked it up to nerves. This bit of the story will become more important in the next post. In the meantime, we just repacked her, hoping that would help:

Note: not an actual cat carrier.

Note: not an actual cat carrier.

That’s all I got for Wednesday.