We are two days from being official, so I figured it was time to start documenting this moving process. It’s Tuesday night in Nashville. Tomorrow morning we get a truck from Penske, and Thursday morning we pull out at 5AM, Oregon bound.

We’ve packed up our house, and now our living room looks like a warehouse while all of our other rooms look pretty sparse and barren. Celine’s dad and a couple of our friends are coming over in the morning to help us load, which is amazing, and we hope to have it all in the truck by lunch or a little after. Then it’s cleaning time and we’re through!

It’s hard to believe we won’t be living here in a few days. We’ve always joked about how lame LaVergne is (and it is, let’s be honest), but we’ve loved this condo and we’ve loved our life here. This was our first place as a married couple, and the first place we’ve felt was our home. Also, our first place with stairs. We’re going to miss a lot of things about it.

Anyway, I hope to document this trip a bit on this journal, so I’ll try to write in it every night to document where we are and what happened during our day. I figure that if nothing else, this will remind us how much we hate packing. Did I mention that we hate packing? We hate packing.

Best things about today:

  1. Jim and Nick’s with Alison
  2. Finishing almost all of the packing
  3. Cleaning out the outdoor closet

That’s how exciting our life is right now. Pictures to come, along with more interesting road stories.