I have no idea why we celebrate this holiday. I don’t even know what the holiday is for, I just know that on Cinco De Mayo you eat tacos for dinner and you make drinks like this one:


Yeah, I made that drink. You might think that’s a margarita of some sort, but you would be wrong, because we didn’t have any tequila. That is actually a real daquiri. Not the frozen slushy kind, the actual cocktail. It’s just delicious rum, some freshly squeezed lime juice, and simple syrup. And it’s delicious. Kudos to my lovely wife for the awesome picture.

Oh yeah, and that previous post where I said that I was looking forward to partying at Neil and Emily’s wedding? Turns out that was a bit prophetic. Let’s just say I woke up on Saturday missing more of my clothes than I’m comfortable losing (suit coat, tie, belt, and dress shirt), and I don’t remember how said clothing disappeared. Here’s what I do know: a) I was never without clothing, and b) I didn’t ruin the reception in any way. I’d call that a win.

Be careful if you go to Atlanta, folks. The drinks are strong, and the cab drivers are merciless.