So I mentioned in my last bar post that I also want a nice shaker. Right now, I have a shaker that looks a lot like this:

regularshakerBut I really don’t like this thing. It has a few flaws. First, it’s three pieces, and that’s at least one more piece than I want to keep up with. Second, these things are a bitch to get open after you’ve mixed a drink in them. The temperature change makes the metal contract, and the vacuum you create by sealing it for shaking make it difficult to get the top off when you’re done. What I really want is a Boston shaker. It looks like this:


This shaker has a quite a few advantages. First, notice the demarcations on the glass, which makes for easier measurements of liquor (if you can add, good luck if you’re drunk). Second, it’s much easier to get this thing open since you’re dealing with different materials and far more leverage to “break the seal.” Third, you just look about 10 times cooler using one of these, especially if you strain the drink by leaving only a crack between the metal shaker and the glass (no strainer necessary). Basically, you look like a real bartender.

Today I did find my perfect measuring device for liquor measuring, a tiny little OXO measuring cup that holds 2 ounces. It’s similar to the one from my earlier post, just plastic instead of metal. It helped me make some delicious whiskey sours tonight. No egg whites for us, thanks.

Mmm, drinking.