In my quest for the perfect home bar, I’ve started eyeing some new glasses. See, the thing about a cocktail like an Old Fashioned (or any other old school cocktail) is that they are mostly liquor. That means you don’t need a very tall drink, and in fact, a tall drink would ruin the whole thing. The problem with this is that most glasses that you buy today are pretty large. Even smaller tumblers are at least 12 ounces, and while that may not be much when you’re chuggin’ Pepsi-Cola, it leaves too much extra space in an Old Fashioned, and it just ruins some of the aesthetic appeal of the drink.

To that end, I’ve been searching for some new glasses. I’m looking for nice rocks glasses, or old fashioned glasses (yeah, they named a glass after my new favorite drink!). I want something simple and elegant, heavy for its size, and easy to hold. I am against perfectly round glasses (we have some for everyday drinking, but I don’t think a cocktail looks very good in them), and they have to be glass. These acrylic glasses are for wimps.

So far, this is my frontrunner:


Pretty sweet, right? The best part is that this is a 7 oz. glass. Just big enough for 2 ounces of whiskey, some bitters and sugar, and three ice cubes. I can practically see the cherry floating just under the rim (instead of in the middle of the glass).

Next on the list: a nice shaker.