I do not want to do this tonight. It’s been a crazy week at work, and I spent all day today writing emails and answering phones in lightning quick fashion. As a result, typing in a blog just doesn’t seem like an appealing thing right now. However, I am committed to this challenge, so here’s a quick rundown:

  1. We watched Let The Right One In tonight, and it was really an amazing movie. I think Celine found it to be boring, and it was definitely slow, but the story was unique, and I really enjoyed it. Child vampires are way creepier than grown up vampires if you ask me.
  2. Our cats both went to the vet today and got shots. One of our cats (the blind one) has lost some weight, so we have to take him back in a few weeks to see if he gains it back. We think his teeth were bothering him, which caused him to lose weight, so we’re hoping he gains it back and there’s nothing wrong with him.
  3. Our plan was to seal our deck tomorrow, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow night, which means I get to be lazy instead. Score!
  4. This blog post sucks, huh? You should be out drinking anyway.