It’s getting late (yes, 10:30 is late for me), and I still can’t think of anything worth blogging about today. So, tonight this blog is in list form:

  1. Comedy Central is now listed as an HD channel on our TV, but none of the shows are in HD. I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news.
  2. I watched Gore Vidal and Ron Howard get interviewed separately by Bill Maher tonight. Bill Maher is a terrible interviewer, but Gore Vidal is hilarious and I hope I’m as cool as he is when I reach his age (134).
  3. 24 is definitely terrible now, and it makes me sad to say that. What was once my favorite show has become a pale shadow of its former self.
  4. You know another show that is terrible? The Office. I don’t care what you say, you cannot convince that this show is any good. It was okay for about a season and a half, and the rest of it is crap. But I still watch it every week.
  5. The first five points on this list are all about TV. I guess we’ve got that covered.
  6. Our cats have been at war for the last 2 weeks. The retarded physically challenged one insists on attacking the blind one at every available opportunity. Apparently beating up a blind dude is not shameful if you are also handicapped. At least, that is our cat’s argument.
  7. In case you missed it, both of our cats are disabled. Sometimes people tell us how wonderful we are for taking them in, but here’s the real truth: they are easier than completely healthy cats. We don’t make any special considerations for either of them, they are completely able to live normal lives. They just can’t jump on our counters or get into as much trouble. They are the best of both worlds, which is one of the reasons why I love them.
  8. I don’t think of myself as a sci-fi nerd, but I did receive an email from today telling me about their latest science fiction releases. So maybe I’m wrong.
  9. I’m tired of this list, but I’m trying to get to 10.
  10. Oh, here we are.

Blog challenge: MET. See you jerks tomorrow.