Today, MTV2 had a Beavis and Butthead marathon. This used to be my favorite show when I was in high school, and you know what? It’s still hilarious. There are plenty of episodes I could rave about, but the really funny part of the show was always the videos. That was a bummer, because when they first started releasing these on VHS and DVD, the videos weren’t included (surely because of the licensing nightmare this would be). Recently, they’ve released the Mike Judge Collection, complete with videos, but it’s far from a complete set. Luckily, we have Youtube to fill in the gaps!

It appears that B&B did some of their best work while making fun of Radiohead (what a coincidence! I’m the same way). Check these two awesome clips out. First, Creep:

I also like the part where it goes, “Chunka – chunka, Waaaaahahahahahahwwwww.”

And finally, their tribute to Fake Plastic Trees:

I really miss this show.