I watch Bill Maher for the interesting political talk. Maybe that’s sorta like reading Playboy for the articles, but it’s true. I certainly don’t watch it for the jokes, because Bill Maher is most definitely not funny. I don’t even know how his guests pretend to laugh at his inane chatter, I suppose it’s required if you’re going to be on the show. Or maybe you just have to be there to get his humor. Maybe he smells hilarious.

Anyway, last week he had only two main guests, but it was easily the weirdest mix of people on a political panel I’ve ever seen. First, we had celebrated author Salman Rushdie. And sitting right next to him…Mos Def. Towards the end of the conversation he added noted atheist Christopher Hitchens to the mix. Now, I agree with a lot of the things that Hitchens says, but there’s no doubt that he’s sort of an asshole. Unfortunately, there weren’t any serious arguments, because I don’t think Hitchens or Mos Def understood even one word of the other said during the entire taping.

Anyway, Bill Maher. This dude is not funny. I don’t understand how he ever got famous as a comedian. The best part of it is that on HBO they now call him a “humorist.” You know, like Mark Twain!

There’s no point to this at all, I just feel weird about liking Bill Maher’s show even though I hate him. This is what you get when I blog everyday.