Well, it seems I’ve traded my broken internet at home for a broken internet at work. LaVergne’s internet problems had been resolved by the time I arrived home, and after a little fancy router work (yeah, I’m a genius), I’m back in business in my little condo.

However, it rained today, in the biblical sense. It rained so hard that it destroyed not only the power, but also the phones and the internet at work. This rain was so powerful that even now, almost 6 hours after it began, no one can access their email from anywhere on the planet. That is some serious rainfall, let me tell you.

Nashville sorta blows its lid when it rains, so when torrential downpours begin at 4:30 on a school day, you can bet that rush hour will be a bitch. Today was no exception. 440 was a parking lot at 6:30, and 24 was slow all the way home.

So, good things about today:

  1. Spaghetti for lunch
  2. Thai food for dinner
  3. I fixed the tubes at home
  4. Our cat looks like a muppet

Don’t believe me?

Muppet Cat

Told you so.