I’ve become sneakily suspicious that this April Blog Challenge is an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke (dumbest holiday ever, by the way). I personally think that the person that came up with April Fool’s Day did it as a joke, and we all fell for it.

Alarm time this morning: 6:25.

Actual time that I got out of bed: 6:45

Those of you with excellent math skills will quickly deduce that I just listened to a loud noise in my bedroom for a little longer than I did yesterday. I am labeling this experiment a “mixed bag” for now.

I’m still not sure if this blog is going to be serious and thought provoking or just dumb. Probably a mixture of both, leaning towards dumb. I refuse to play any sort of April Fool’s jokes, so I will instead leave you a clip from my favorite show of all time ever, Eastbound and Down. If you’re easily offended, I’d recommend not loading this clip.

I’m gonna split, because I got priors!