Headin’ on down to Georgia

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This is going to be short because I still have a lot of packing to do, but I made it through this blog challenge! Everyday for a month, not too shabby. I wish I could tell you that I learned something profound about myself and the benefits of sharing my thoughts with an open community, but that’s all bullshit. It was fun doing it though.

Off to Atlanta tomorrow to watch two awesome people marry each other. Congrats, Neil and Emily!! Can’t wait to party with you two tomorrow.


This will be short…

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But I’m not losing out on this blog challenge on the next to last day! Talent show tonight, and if all goes well, I’ll post when we’re done. Otherwise, see you folks for my final post of April!

Talent show


So tomorrow night is the Emma talent show. The Second (Semi, Sorta) Annual Emma Talent Show. In honor of this amazing event, I’m going to be breaking out my guitar and playing a couple of tunes. I’m probably going to do an original and then maybe a cover song, just for kicks.

This used to be no big deal at all, but I literally haven’t played guitar since last August, and I haven’t played a show in a small venue in far longer. I played for maybe half an hour tonight and my fingers are bruised. I remember when I used to play guitar pretty much all day long and never think twice about it.

I still don’t get nervous before shows. I never had much problem getting onstage, and after doing it for so long, I really just don’t think about it. But playing tonight and realizing how long it had truly been since I played was a little sad. After all, I did this for a (meager) living at one point. I even had a myspace!

It’s strange that writing music was such a huge part of my life for so long, and yet these days I don’t even miss it. I don’t know why that is, I think that it’s mostly about growing up and not feeling the need to share my every thought with the world (the same reason I quit blogging). Maybe it’s realizing that there are tons of other people already saying the same things out there, and many of them are doing it better. Maybe it’s just that my life is so much better these days, so I don’t want to stare at blank sheets of paper for hours at a time.

Either way, I enjoy playing when I do it now, and that makes me think I should do it more often. But I don’t ever think I’ll be compelled to write again like I used to. And that doesn’t bother me at all.

Boston shakers

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So I mentioned in my last bar post that I also want a nice shaker. Right now, I have a shaker that looks a lot like this:

regularshakerBut I really don’t like this thing. It has a few flaws. First, it’s three pieces, and that’s at least one more piece than I want to keep up with. Second, these things are a bitch to get open after you’ve mixed a drink in them. The temperature change makes the metal contract, and the vacuum you create by sealing it for shaking make it difficult to get the top off when you’re done. What I really want is a Boston shaker. It looks like this:


This shaker has a quite a few advantages. First, notice the demarcations on the glass, which makes for easier measurements of liquor (if you can add, good luck if you’re drunk). Second, it’s much easier to get this thing open since you’re dealing with different materials and far more leverage to “break the seal.” Third, you just look about 10 times cooler using one of these, especially if you strain the drink by leaving only a crack between the metal shaker and the glass (no strainer necessary). Basically, you look like a real bartender.

Today I did find my perfect measuring device for liquor measuring, a tiny little OXO measuring cup that holds 2 ounces. It’s similar to the one from my earlier post, just plastic instead of metal. It helped me make some delicious whiskey sours tonight. No egg whites for us, thanks.

Mmm, drinking.

It’s official!


This checklist is pretty much complete:

  1. Celine has been accepted
  2. She’s sent in her card saying she’s coming
  3. My company is letting me work from our Portland office
  4. We just emailed our landlords saying we are vacating in August

So, just in case there was any doubt, we are definitely moving to Oregon! We’ve already starting fixing up this place so it’s in good shape (need that security deposit back). We re-sealed the deck today and we may be undertaking some major painting projects in the next few weeks. All in all, it’s a little overwhelming, but we are both excited. Celine is very happy to be going back to school, and I am pumped about living in such a beautiful place and the opportunities at the office out there.

We’ve known for a while now of course, and most of you have known for a while as well. But somehow, sending that email to our landlords really made it officially official in my head. I guess they were the last folks to know, maybe that’s why. Next up, a trip back to the west coast in June to look for our next place to live.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions of great things we must do in Portland or Eugene (or parts in between, or nearby), please let us know! And you like packing boxes or sedating cats, you know where to find us.


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With the help of a friend, I pressure washed our deck today. When I say “deck,” I mean small patio-like area outside of our back door. It’s truly horrifying how different our deck looks now. The wood looks like…well, wood. Instead of grey moldy weirdness, it looks like wood. Tomorrow I’m going to seal it with that Thompson’s Water Seal stuff in order to preserve its beauty. Can’t wait.

Otherwise, it was an uneventful Saturday. Tonight I went to a flute party with Celine and ate hamburgers while drinking Tecate from a can. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

Okay, I’m going to bed now.

A Perfect Friday Night

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  1. Sopas at La Hacienda
  2. A pitcher of margaritas
  3. A trip to the liquor store where two stupid girls talked to their boyfriends on the phone while in the store, promising them that they (the two girls) would make out later
  4. Old Fashioneds and whiskey sampling at Phillip and Erica’s
  5. Petting cats on the couch

Beat that, blogland! Also, this still counts for Friday, even though it’s technically midnight. Eat it, blog challenge!

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